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KALYANJI JANA is founder and chairman of  


Biography of Shri. Kalyanji Jana

also known as “Garibo ka Actor”

Shri. Kalyanji Jana came to Mumbai in the year 1999 at the age of 12. He started his living as a rag picker, used to give foot massages and also used to work in a garland of fresh flowers making shop and also sold them. Simultaneously washed vessels in a hotel for his food and some nights were so bad as a nightmare had to pick some of the leftovers from the waste bins or sleep empty stomach. He then started working very hard day night and saved some money from that savings he could set up a flower shop at Shankar lane in Kandivali West.


 There was a Dance class nearby to his flower shop where he would go and peep into it to see them dance, with the excitement of learning to dance he would start dancing anywhere let it be behind any vehicles parked or in the garden sometimes also in a public toilet. At that time Mr. Bijon Devnath who was a dance master and also his Guru supported and helped him a lot along with Dance Master Mudassar Khan and Bittu Singh who were also there for his support. During this journey of dance, close to his flower shop, he started teaching dance to kids residing in around that area, of which some kids won prizes in their school competition that too in the first place due to which Kalyanji Jana got pretty famous in that area and was invited in many school and colleges too. Then the chain went on and on and he started 20 dance classes in different areas and named it – “Western Dance Academy”. He started teaching in top schools and colleges as a dance master and also started performing in many well-known hotels and Corporate programs. 


Then came a new turn in his life a beginning of a new era for Mr. Kalyanji as he entered the film industry he got his first chance from Director and Producer Shri Kumar Adarsh Patwa and Shri. Ravi K. Patwa in a film titled - Mahima Kashi Vishwanath as a side dancer, after this he was fortunate to get movies like - Nasha and Rhoo as the main Dance Choreographer. Also Gujarati super hit film Jay Vijay was choreographed by Kalyanji Jana which was directed by Lucky Anand. To date, Mr Kalyanji Jana has received around 180 different awards.  Kalyanji Jana also got a break thru as a judge in a well-known dance competition in Gujarat along with well-known personality dance choreographer Saroj Khan. Kalyanji to date has acted and also performed dances in many Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi movies, and also music albums. He was also seen on Colors Channel Reality show - Mission Sapne, dancing along with actress Parineeti Chopra. 
Kalyanji Jana started his in-house production named S. K. M. H Films Production. He produced a film in which he acted as a lead Hero called - Dhund Lenge Manzil Hum already. Kalyanji has also signed 5 more Hindi films as a lead hero which will release 2021-2022. Namely 1 - Dream City Mumbai (Real story of Mumbai Mahanagri), 2 - Main Hoon Autowala (Real story Mumbai city), 3 - I Love You ( Real Love Story UP), 4 - Once upon a time in Bhopal (Bhopal Gas Tragedy) and 5 - Mussoorie To Mumbai Directed by M. Shahid with Co actress Ankita Bambulkar Jana.
Mr Kalyanji Jana is lately working as a Hero Comedian Anchor and Dance performer. He is also invited to many functions as a Chief Guest and also has 5 Music Albums which is already released namely 1 - Bolo Jay Jay Sai, 2 - Ganpati Bappa Morya, 3 - Mere Raske Qamar-2, 4 - Ye Dosti, and 5 - Aashiqui Aashiqui.
Kalyanji Jana is also the Editor of the Darshnik Mumbai News Paper. He along with Ankita Jana has worked with Mumbai Traffic Police (Helmet Prasaran Mumbai). Kalyanji also is a social activist. He is always actively participating in the news and different social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. He comes live daily at 6 pm on Facebook under the banner - Sacchai Ka Saamna Live Show by KJ. 
Kalyanji is the Founder - President - Trustee of - Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films Organisation (DPIAF) a registered and ISO-certified organisation which organizes Film Award Events. Kalyanji Jana from the bottom of his heart is grateful to his adorable wife Ankita Jana who is the real backbone and stood firm in his up and downs, also was great support for all his achievements and success. He also would like to convey a special thanks to his younger brother Milan Jana and Bheru Jain for always being with him in his journey,
Kalyanji Jana has different setups like Live TV. OTT Platform application named as KJ TALKIES, KJ TIKTIK, KJ KIDDIES which is already in Google Play. His upcoming assignments are KJ Mineral Water KJ Deo (Perfumes), DPIAF - Roti & Kapda Bank, DMBN - Darshanik Mumbai Business Networking.


Kalyanji has a record of Non Stop 120 round in one minute holding the Indian flag in both hands.

He also has many world record certificates namely from  

  • OMG World Book of Records

  • Wac Book of Records

  • Hope International book of Records

  • IEA Book of World Records

  • The WAC Global book of Records

  • Indigenous Success World Record Book

  • National Star Excellence Record Book 

  • Gold Star Book of World Records. 


Kalyanji Jana in his events as given to many Awards. Awards mainly titled as  

  • Darshnik Mumbai Press Media Award 

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Gaurav Sanman

  • Mr. Miss & Mrs Icon Darshnik Mumbai Fashion Show

  • Mumbai Police Icon Award

  • Nari Shakti Achiever Award

  • DPIAF- Business Global Achiever Award

  • Sacchai Ka Saamna Live Show

  • Kalyanji Jana Live TV Show

  • DPIAF - India Short Film Festival

  • DPIAF - Book Of World Records

  • DPIAF - Covid-19 Yoddha Award.


 In this pandemic lockdown Kalyanji has helped many struggling artist light man, spotboys,

makeup & junior artist many more by going to their homes and giving them ration packets.  


Kalyanji Jana and his team of  Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films  organisation (DPIAF)

wants to erect a 15 feet tall statue of  Late Shri DADASAHEB PHALKE a grand memorial

of The Father of Indian Cinema in Bandra (West) Mumbai.


Kalyanji Jana has started a Bhandara - free food for strugglers artist everyday in Adarsh Nagar,

Adarsh Nagar signal, andheri west, Mumbai, (Hindustan Ke Itihaas Mein Pahli Bhar)


Kalyanji Jana is working along with many different NGOs  

  • Anti Crime and Corruption Squad (NGO) as Mumbai Speaker

  • YGS NGO as National Speaker)

  • Police Sahkar Samiti NGO as National Speaker

  • Anil Shah Foundation as (National Speaker

  • Deva Group of Union ESME as Chief Advisor of Maharastra State

  • Antar Rashtriya Lok Rakshak Sena NGO as National Speaker

  • Rastravyapi Janata Party as National Spokesperson

  • Akhil Bhartiya  Gurukul & Gaushala Anusadhan Sansthan as National Speaker 

  • All Indian Reporters Association (Press) as National Advisor.


He is the Brand Ambassador of 

  • Fashion Accessories Company

  • Maharashtra Bazar Peth, 

  • Ghanta Panwala 

  • DSB Virtual World Private Limited (Global Brand Ambassador) 



Story does not end of Kalyanji Jana from his village to Mumbai but continues for much more achievements and social activities for the needy..

  !! Jai Hind !!   !! Jai Maharashtra !!     !! Salaam Mumbai!!

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